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Freegle is an internet based organisation made up of seperate "area" group pages etc. around the country. They provide a means to allow the general public (once signed up etc.) to give away possessions to others without charge, giving said possessions a new home rather than going to the tip, hence the name "Freegle" meaning "free recycling".

Freegle was originally launched by the U.S. under the name of "FreeCycle", but recently we had to change our version to Freegle due to copyright laws that the sad U.S. people imposed after we started doing a better job and better techniques of recycling that their country.

If you have lots or even only a handful of items that you think might of some use to someone out there, why not join Freegle near you today, I've provided a link below...

Join Freegle - It's free and you are doing a great job in reducing an environmental disaster in the future.