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I have recently gotten really into the prospect of owning and using drones for various reasons, so I figured I would offer services in this field for those that are starting out or need help with their drone(s).

NOTE: I only current have a Flyer ID as the drone I use is currently under the weight requirement of needed a Operator ID. If your drone weighs between 250g and 20kg then you will need a Flyer ID and Operator ID to operate your drone legally in the UK and to allow me to legally test your drone outside.

More information about Drone's and registration can be found at this website: https://register-drones.caa.co.uk/individual.

Tuition - I can help with the basics, of pre flight checks, controls, setup, and general safety aspects of flying Drone's
Testing - I can either calibrate and test your drone for you, or guide you through the process of setting up and testing your drone yourself.
Photography - I am delving into the world of Aerial Photography with my drone, and will hopefully be selling these rare pictures to anyone who would like to purchase these for their homes etc.