Whitley Bay Computer Services
What People Say About Me


Renee Lord - "Morning John just wanted to thank you for sorting out the new computer. It's fantastic and so quick. Most of all it's easy to use. All due to the way you set it up. Haven't done anything with music yet but hopefully I'll manage. Thanks again. So grateful Renee"


Fiona Robertson - "Many thanks to Whitley Bay Computer Services who totally got me out of a tricky situation when my laptop basically died during lockdown. There was to be no resurrection but all my data and photographs were safely recovered. Thank you so much again for talking me through the basic information - who knew there was a battery release button! Good price, good service and what a relief!"


David Jones - "I cannot praise John enough for the help he has given me, often in the past but, even more so, quite recently. In the past, it was often a case of clearing all kinds of rubbish that had accumulated due to my fingers being quicker than my brain as well as help with other problems eg wi-fi set up. More recently, he made sense of strange happenings within my mail box and, at the same time, succeeded in implementing update software so that I could use an older Kindle which I had been given. Additionally, he also cleared my computer of heavens knows what lurking evils.

In the past 2 days, he offered immediate assistance when I discovered that my computer had been used to defraud me. Once again, he cleared all possible menaces, brought my computer back to a secure state and also, quite rightly, lectured me on the perils of an open internet – ie, if in doubt, don’t do it.

He has always been most professional in his responses, though I admit, I mainly leave him to do what he has to do. He is a man of integrity and of high principles for whom customer satisfaction is the prime objective. In all cases, his fees are very fair – sometimes I feel I got more than I have paid for.

I would not go anywhere else for information, guidance and assistance.


Elizabeth Chambers - "John is so very much more! He is not only an 'Exemplar' in his chosen profession; he brings an extra unexpected dimension to his unlimited talent in his understanding and competency in the mysteries of computer software. This extra dimension is displayed in how he 'goes beyond' the expectations that he would know his trade, that he would be professional, that he would do a 'good job'. He does all these to the highest standards, and he brings so much more. He intuitively recognises your needs, your technical capabilities and understanding, and brings to the 'work in hand', a calm, caring, dedicated manner and tailor-made solutions to meet your requirements. He sets everything up to ensure he leaves you with a confidence you didn't know you had, capabilities you didn't know you could master and an open door to call him any time you may have further queries and indeed if you have a memory lapse in how to get the very best from your computer hardware and all aspects of your software. Sometimes in life a person of such amazing, quiet almost humble talent comes to our aide and in this scenario sets our world of computer needs and ability back on track. Thank You John."


Dr. P. D. Smart - "I have been fortunate to employ Mr. Stanley on several occasions when my computer developed a mind of its own. On every occasion he arrived promptly, solved the problem, and left, having been paid very reasonable fee. I recommend him highly, and hope he never retires."

Gail Russel - "Hmm....well your so damn good that I haven't needed your services for agesssssss now!!!! lol x"

Mandy Turner - "I have used WBCS many times to sort problems with my desktop, laptop and even software issues - there has not been one problem that John has not managed to fix very quickly and at a very good price. Have recommended him to many others and will continue to do so."

Nigel Green - "I've used John's services for several years now and always found him to be very reliable and helpful and his rates are very reasonable. I'd be more than happy to recommend his work to other businesses."

Sue And Richard Hart - "James Taylor wrote a song in the 70s called 'if you need a friend'. Well John has been the best friend that has been ever recommended to this family. We have subsequently recommended him to lots of our friends, all of whom thought he was brilliant. He's great with old, young, computer wizards and nuggets, no matter who you are, John speaks English not geek- although he does look a bit like one. He's fully house trained, works well on Kit Kats and never ever calls you a plonker, even when you are. On a serious note, when you have a job to finish urgently, John will put himself out to get to you and solve the problem. Always on time, always considerate, always a nice guy to have in your house... He often fixes the problem in minutes and then takes the rest of the time to teach you something. A great service. Highly recommended."


Aiden Stradling - "Many thanks once again for your work installing my new computer. Everything is going well, and I am busy learning all the new things it can do. I was very pleased that your skills were able to save me loads of time and effort."


Barry and Joan Anderson - "Many congratulations on achieving your first 500 - they are the hardest to get and I have no hesitation in saying the next half century will follow in no time at all. The mere fact that 2 geriatrics who are only 6 steps beyond the "on/off" switch have not needed to contact you for months speaks volumes itself. As Mr Boas so rightly says there will be an explosion of the more mature age group contacting you - we have started that. On the rare occasions we have called for your services you have been prompt, put us on the right track and if anything you are not doing yourself justice with what you charge. Mind there will be a CONTRACT out on you if you put them up too much. Prior to being sent in your direction we called out so called I.T. Consultants and they were looking for £70.00p per hour - they didn't last very long. Best wishes."

Christine Bell - "always a great service from John and have recommended him on numerous occasions. Thanks for all your help."

Gail Russel - "wheyheyyyyyyyyyyyy good for you!!!!!!! Keep smiling and keep growing......yer business ya dirty bugger!!!!! lolol"


Helena Holford - "Well Done Good Luck with the next 500 VB Regards Helena Holford Sales Director - Blue Box North East Ltd"

Jerry McCarthy - "Services still of the highest standard, many thanks"

Judith Black - "500...WOW! Congrats. and many thanks for helping me out over Bullguard the other day....I did, eventually, get rid of the opening window!"

Margaret Parker - "Lovely to hear from you. As you see I am still 'up and running' thanks to you efforts. Well done for the 500!"

Marja Armstrong - "Hi John, congratulations on reaching 500 !!!. Well done and well deserved. I can always rely on you to arrive on time and put things right. I have recommended your services to friends and family. Keep up the good work."

Maureen Stokoe - "I would like to join in the comments and to let the world know how good it is to be able to call you. You are always cheerful, willing, most able, prompt and last but certainly not least--very reasonable with your charges. I think most computer owners would find it good to know that you charge according to the work involved and not 'just a figure off the top of your head'. I strongly recommend you to anyone I know who is having PC problems and know that you will not let them down. Thank you"

Peter Southey - "Thanks very much for your email. I appreciate your need to receive constructive criticism in order to improve the service that you offer, however, I cannot think of anything negative to say. I was delighted with the service that you gave me in setting up my computer and printer from scratch - including removing mistakes that Comet made when I bought the computer! Therefore I can only say thank you and that I would have no hesitation in recommending your service to anyone."

Rajan Bhudoye - "Congratulations on your 500th client, hope I am one of them. Just to let you know that you are doing a grand job and thanks for helping me out with my Buffalo AirStation and coming back to see that I had done everythhing ok when I was building my Pc. Fingers Xed, it's still going strong. Keep it up, Best wishes."

Richard Hart - "Thanks for the mail. Just to add that everything seems to Hokey Dokey now. You were really helpful and many thanks once again, especially for being so patient over the phone, when I was being a complete plonker !!! Many thanks. Kind regards."


Andy "The Drum Shop" - "I find that when using computers when you know very little about them you'll ask friends etc how they can help and muddle your way thru and end up with more problems. I have found with your services that you will try your utmost to get to the route of the problem and are very pleasant to work with at an affordable price. I find you very easy and a pleasure to deal with."

Angela Walton - "Hi. For anyone like me, who doesn't really know what they are doing with their computer, and who has a query or a problem, John is brilliant, and doesn't mind the odd e-mail begging for help!"

Anne Anderson - "It goes without saying that you have been my saviour on numerous occasions. I would recommend you to everyone as I have done in the past and will do in the future. Cheers."

Craig Rush - "You know I am one of your valued friends and clients, I think your service is very good and I know if I encounter any problems you are the man for the job. More than I can say for your driving on the 360 like."

Emma, Ken and Viv - "You built our computer quickly and efficiently. You are just a phone call or e-mail away to answer any questions or solve any problems that occur, and if you are not able to solve our problems over the phone, then you always show up within a day or so. You are always polite whenever we have needed your assistance, and have always offered to take off your shoes so as not to mess up our carpets as our computer is situated in the upper floors of our mansion (as we have many floors in our house which have brilliant white shag pile carpets which were rather expensive) :D Our jewellery and expensive ornaments have remained with us and not disappeared out the back door in your briefcase :D Hope this is helpful in your quest to get that elusive 100th client, you never know it may be the head man at Microsoft. Thanks for all your help in the past and hope you will answer any distress calls in the future."

Gail Russel - "Well....what can I say!!!! I have always found your service to be: excellent servicing, prompt in replying to my asking for help, reasonable rates, friendly and easy to talk to which is important when I aint got a clue about computers and willing to help even when I keep on asking!!!! I cant help being computer ill.....ill......oh damn it!!!! computer thick!!!!! lol Now...as to things that you might want to change??? Well.........how about if you brought a box of chocs and a bottle of wine next time you come round and me and lynn can get plastered and stuff out faces whilst your sorting out my computer!!!!.....pmsl Dont know if this helps you at all John.....but am glad I know you!!!"

Jerry McCarthy - "You got me out of difficulties which as a learner I should have expected. You are very generous with you time and are most reasonable in your charging. I'm very grateful for your help."

John Swan - "I'm really grateful John for the standard of service, calling again on the Sunday was definitely "beyond the call of duty", and I think that's what people get a Victoria Cross for."

Joyce Bedingfield - "Your phone no. is held in very high regard in my book, may your clientel increase."

Julie McKenzie - "Hi John, Pleased to hear all is going well for you and you have reached your goal. I would have no hesitation in recommending you to all those technophobes like myself. Not wanting to temp fate, but we are not having any probs at the moment, but will no doubt in the future and we will be in touch. Take care."

Louise Curry - "It would be very difficult to improve on the almost perfect service you give to me personally. You would only laugh at me if I said 'perfect' I would just say to you that you are running a business and you have a great future ahead of you. Think about that and be sensible and do not charge too little for your services. People might undermine your expertise. Keep up the good work."

Louise Sutton - "Hi John, well you are always quick at coming out and exceptionally reasonably priced! Even though I've no knowledge of computer jargon, you always explain exactly what's up in terms I can understand. This is paramount and I've even been able to remember what you have done and said and carried out procedures you have advised. Finally you actually go beyond what has been asked of, adding things to the computer or showing me procedures that enhance operations making it tailor-made for my needs. I can basically say to you 'this is what I would like to do, can it be done and how' Good luck and my thanks as always Louise @ The Blacksmiths-Gosforth"

John Edwards - "John, I think that the help that you've gave me in the past is second to none."

Marie Dunlavy - "Computer still running well thanks to your prompt, friendly and knowlegeable service. I would certainly recommend you to anyone needing your type of service."

Martin Alan Naisbitt - "Re your message of 4th inst. I would just like to thank you for your help and your offer to continue same should I need it. It is very comforting to know that we have available the help of an expert like yourself. You have not charged me for your help yet and I think you should have made a charge for your time and expertise."

Michael Boas - "Well, what can I say. You understand the technology and showed your commitment not to be bested by the technology. You turned out on a Sunday [unusual in itself] and presented excellent communication and personal skills. I really couldn't fault you if I really tried. My only recommendation is ~ keep doing what you are doing and in the manner you are doing it. :-) I wouldn't have reservations what so ever ever in recommending you. Any personal-to-technological interactivity demands empathy and sympathy and you seem to have these traits in abundance. There is to be an explosion I feel, in the more mature age groups getting techno in the future and your services can only grow exponentially ~ if that is your desire."

Pat Bridges - "We found johns services invaluable, especially as he was dealing with 2 silver surfers whose knowledge of computers was very limited. We found him to be very patient, & considerate to our needs, without being patronising. We learned a lot from john thanks."

Peter McPartlin - "Regarding your services I have been most satisfied with the fact that you turn up when you say you will unlike a lot of your competion, the prices are reasonable, the communication both onsite and via email is very good all in all I think you provide an exellent service to your customers. Keep up the good work Best wishes Peter.............."

Scott Family - "Congratulations John. I sing your praises to everyone I know. Thanks very much for getting me up and running. After all the hassle I had you were a STAR. We were at Rothbury last weekend hundreds of bikes but didn't see you."

Sean Redford - "Previous service received from you has been fantastic, and also very good value for money, I think it would be hard to improve what you do (apart from bring some choc biscuits with you). I would not and do not hesitate to recommend your services to friends and family and just hope they're as pleased as I always have been. Keep it up John first class mate."