Whitley Bay Computer Services
My Charges And Pricing

In the ideal world, it would be great to make people happy and get their computers working smoothly again and not have to charge, on the flip side, I still need to make a living and I couldn't possibly do that without charging. I feel I have very reasonable prices, even to say that a lot of my clients would usually expect me to be charging them more. If this is a sign that I'm doing such a good job, then it can't possibly be a bad thing.

I generally charge from around the price of 30.00p for most types of jobs mainly depending on technicality and difficulty. This charge is not a fixed hourly rate unless it's an unusually long job to which I hope my clients respect the amount of time I've spent trying to put their computer right. In regards to tuition, there is usually a fee of 10.00p per hour. All pricing also depends on travelling distances from my location in Whitley Bay.

In the rare event that the system can't be simply fixed with more conventional repair techniques and requires a full reinstall of the operating system, including recovery of personal information/data, like a wipe, then the charge could be from around 50.00p or above depending on the amount of time taken to complete the recovery process, this price excludes backup/recovery costs of usually 40.00p.

Did I mention that if I fail in sorting out your problem, no matter how long it took, I simply would not charge! That's got to be a good sign of how confident I am in the work I do for my clients.